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My First SLI - My First Watercooling

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My cousin had a 2007 hand me down PC from someone and it was on the blink.  Hardware problem.  Now its is completely shot.  I promised her I would let her have my sig rig when I built a new one.  Unfortunately, it came a bit quicker than I had hoped.  Oh well, I was kind of itching to get an upgrade.

So here it is, all my new stuff, well most of it.

Six Noctua Redux 140cm pwm, Swiftech D655 with custom head block, Swiftech Apogee XL, CPU-4790K @4.8 from Silicon Lottery, Corsair Vengance Pro 1866 2x8gig, Asus CD, MSI Gaming 7 mobo, 2xMSI GTX970's, Alphacool 420x140x60cm Radiator, Enthoo Luxe.  God,I love this case.  I will go to swiftech for all my compression fittings.  Using some Tygon Tube, 1/2x5/8.  I also purchased a new 30" Monitor 2560x1600.  I will take a pic of my workstation when everything installed.

Okay, so I just wanted to get the ball rolling.  I will plan out a Resevoir and get to cutting. Im using 1/4 " plexiglass. It will install down in front of the small window on my side panel.  I will explain more as the pictures roll in.  I will try to update everyday until finished.  Why? Because I want to. :)


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Hi Thanks Ccookeman,  Yes, I have checked out the Monsoons, they are very good looking, very stylish.  In fact I checked out all the fittings I could find from different manufacturers.  I settled on Swiftech because they are right up the street from me and the price is one of the lowest in Black. I can use a wrench of both pieces of the fitting, no fingers, no pliers.  I think Monsoons are the best looking.

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