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Need some drink ideas!

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That will put the hurt on you, be careful!  My first trip to Izmir my host carried me out for drinks and dinner.  I probably should have probably had dinner before drinks...........


Jack Daniels Honey Whiskey mixed with ginger ale and a splash of lemon.  Ymmy  :)

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Milwaukee's Best and Keystone light, it's a right of passage! 


If thats the case Mickeys Big mouth! 


Ales for the most part but pretty much any stouter beer. Not a fan of the IPA.


Captain & Coke

Apple Cider shine.

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What we do out in Glamis, when camping, is pass around a bottle of Goldschlager, and then chase with beer.  Three or four of us usually manage to kill a bottle.  I also like to pour a little of Captain Morgan's in my coffee when out there.  Its a Brisk good morning.  :evilgrin:

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Everclear with Hi-C punch. any flavor.

It will take your breath away with sweetness :teehee:  :blink: Then you will sleep like a baby :sleep:

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Captain Morgan spiced rum + coke

Gin + tonic (don't cheap out on the gin)

Zing Zang + vodka (best bloody mary ever!)


Appletinis are a great drink if you can stand people being stupid when you drink one. :)


I want to try an Appletini, I just don't want to have to order one.  :teehee:

I usualy drink cherry vodka in whatever and lately making Pineapple painkillers.... pretty good.

Cherry Vodka sounds awesome!


Michelada...pretty much hot sauce and beer. SOOOOOOOO good. Any good mexican restaurant will serve them. (You can buy the mix too, but it's usually hard to find...I may consider making my own sometime)


There's few lagers I don't enjoy and since you seem to dislike hoppy things, you probably have the same beer tongue I do.


My favorite safe beer that's always a great deal is Yuengling Lager (Murrrrica), Sapporo is one of my favorites too.


Tsingtao beer


Singha beer


Most Oktoberfest beers


Amoretto Sours are good


Jack and Coke


Captain and Coke


Whiskey Sour




Southern Comfort and Lime (even SoCo Lime itself is decent)


Southern Comfort Slush


"Tomato Beer", pretty much any beer with tomato juice is delicious. My parents got me hooked on this


Jagermeister is one of the more interesting stand alone liquors I've had.



That's all I can think of off the top of my head. I usually keep a 24 pack of Yuengling to keep me satisfied while I also get a 6 or 12 pack of a mixture of different craft beers whenever I hit the booze barn. Might be worth a try

Excellent list, some of my friends already mentioned these.


Captains white rum + coke

SoCo + coke

Cherry Vodka + coke

Long Island Ice Tea

Margarita -- though these take some practice to find your blend. :)

So coke with everything?  :rofl:

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Coke and Pepsi are less sweet the dr pepper so they tend to mix better with sweeter alcohol or any alcohol lol. I also think it really depends on how drunk ya want to get as to which is a good drink too.

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I read the thread title and tought of a different thing.. I neved did it but you could try


2 people

2 long-strong-drinks

Both drink without stop.

The first who stops has to drink again for 5-10 secs


Happy Birthday

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