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Need some drink ideas!


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So I turned 21 back in October and I have been trying out a few drinks here and there, but I have only found a few I like. I was wondering if anyone add some suggestions of new drinks to try? Simpler the better!


Here is currently what I've tried and like


Disaronno (mixed with Ginger Ale or Coke)

Budlight Lime

Mike's hard lemonade

Angry Orchard Apple Cidar

Miller High Life

Stella Artois

A few other beers, but forgot the names, (the less hop flavor the better IMHO)



Any suggestions would be great! :cheers:(finally get to use this ironically!)

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Captain Morgan spiced rum + coke

Gin + tonic (don't cheap out on the gin)

Zing Zang + vodka (best bloody mary ever!)


Appletinis are a great drink if you can stand people being stupid when you drink one. :)

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Patron xo cafe or cafe dark and baileys drunk on it right now.  I was also mixing patron xo cafe dark with dekyper creme de cocoa and it was good too. Absolute vodka vanilla flavor makes any soda a vanilla flavor drink. if ya want the disarono flavor to disappear in you drink try creme soda with it.

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Michelada...pretty much hot sauce and beer. SOOOOOOOO good. Any good mexican restaurant will serve them. (You can buy the mix too, but it's usually hard to find...I may consider making my own sometime)


There's few lagers I don't enjoy and since you seem to dislike hoppy things, you probably have the same beer tongue I do.


My favorite safe beer that's always a great deal is Yuengling Lager (Murrrrica), Sapporo is one of my favorites too.


Tsingtao beer


Singha beer


Most Oktoberfest beers


Amoretto Sours are good


Jack and Coke


Captain and Coke


Whiskey Sour




Southern Comfort and Lime (even SoCo Lime itself is decent)


Southern Comfort Slush


"Tomato Beer", pretty much any beer with tomato juice is delicious. My parents got me hooked on this


Jagermeister is one of the more interesting stand alone liquors I've had.



That's all I can think of off the top of my head. I usually keep a 24 pack of Yuengling to keep me satisfied while I also get a 6 or 12 pack of a mixture of different craft beers whenever I hit the booze barn. Might be worth a try

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Don't drink anything sweet. If you want to get drunk stay with vodka, whiskeys, or if you must, Rum.  Stay away from Tequila until you are a more seasoned drinker.  Beer takes so much liquid to ingest the alcohol.  Better to get a mixed drink or even just something like Scotch on the Rocks.  A couple of those or vodka martinis and you will get a buzz.  Don't smoke when you drink, it only makes things worse if you get sick.  Have fun and don't drive.

Have a pure shot of something and then chase it with a beer.  You can have a few shots and one or two beers and you will be initiated into the world of the inebriated.

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