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supreme fx audio 2014 maximus VII hero vs supreme fx formula 2014 audi

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What exactly is the difference between the onboard audio of the hero VII vs the onboard audio of the formula VII?

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At this point in time, nothing really noticeable. The software driving the hardware is more important, at the point where we are at with Integrated audio. 


To answer your question though, the main differences are that the Formula will have a higher grade DAC (Cirrus) as opposed to the Hero's, as well as a dedicated 600ohm headphone AMP, Film Caps, Higher SNR and the Formulas's software suite will also be more tailored to the gamer than the Hero's software package.


Either one will get the job done in terms of sound and the small differences shouldn't really sway buying decision. If audio is of most importance then Just stick with Hero for price and get a Xonar DX, DGX or a Creative card. I can tell you that Dolby Headphone(Xonar DX/DGX) is true gaming bliss IMO.


I don't have any personal experience with the Maximus vii and vii series, other then builds for other people, but I can tell you that my Maximus V Formula suffered badly from sound dimming (don't know the technical term) when playing a game and listening to music same time. Every time there was an explosion or loud sound both the music and game sounds would "dim" during the burst noises. 




Hope that helped! 

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