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Z97M Gaming - Killer NIC Issue



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  1. 1. What would you do?

    • Put up with it
    • RMA Board
    • Buy PCIe Intel NIC

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Hey Guys,


Just built my new Rig (full spec in Sig) around the MSI Z97M Gaming board.

This board as the E2200 Killer NIC onboard.

I am having the following issue:


IF the computer is turned off at the mains after use (which I normally do every night), when it is first powered back on the NIC will take ages to auto-negotiate its speed. Eventually it fill give up and go to 100Mbps rather than 1Gbps.

No amount of reboots or connecting to a different Switch port will resolve this. Only fix is to restart the switch. Now this would lead one to believe its a switch issue, however this switch has no issues with any other PC and this PC does it with other switches too.


One "fix" I have found is that if I switch the mains power on and then leave the computer for about 1-5 minutes and then power on the computer, its much more likely to work. Probably 75% of the time I will get 1G @ boot.


I contacted MSI support, who went through about 3-4 driver versions and 2 different BIOS versions to try and fix this. Nothing changed. They have said the next step would be to RMA the board.

However I have found a couple of other topics of people posting similar stories. So not convinced the issue would be solved.


Other than this issue, the board is working great. This leads me to the 3 options on the poll:


1.) Do Nothing.

Keep the board and either 1.) don't power off at the mains overnight. (I only do this to shut off the speakers & monitors completely) or 2.) After turning on the mains wait up to 5mins before starting. If that fails just reboot the switch.


2.) RMA the board.

Really reluctant to do this option. Will mean no PC for probably 2-3 weeks and no guarantee ill end up with a board that dosent have the same 'issue'



Buy a PCIe Intel NIC and just disable the Killer. (I do like the software suite the killer comes with, so would be shame.)


Personally I am leaning most to option 1. Just interested to hear what others thoughts are.

Does anybody else even turn there PC/Monitos/Speakers off at the mains overnight?

Its strange one, as I have just always done it. Dont do it with the TV/Server/Amp/Media PC. But do for my PC and the wifes PC.


Appreciate the input.


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I hear a lot of hate for the Killer Software/Drivers etc, but so far I rather like the software it comes with.

I also get no performance issues or problems with the NIC. Nothing like what I have seen other people complain about.


The switch is capable of 1Gbps... 


Not interested to switch to another mobo either really. This thing is working great. Love the board layout and features. Has decent on-board sound, was hoping a decent on-board NIC. 

If I change anything hardware wise it would be to purchase a PCIe NIC.

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I hate Killer NICs and drivers with a passion. I'd go the PCIe NIC route to be honest.

Indeed, Up until a few months ago on the MSI z87 review board, I was only able to use the Onboard Killer NIC and Audio without it crashing and or not having any audio and internet if I used a combination of dated drivers for both. Updating the bios didn't help and it was 100% the Killer NIC. When it wasn't enabled I had no problems.


I think I had to install the orignal drivers that came with the cd and keep working up on each driver revision until it stopped working or crashing.

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Yea that kind of topic is what makes me think an RMA will be fruit less.


I did try converting my NIC to a Atheros AR181 or whatever the number is. That changed worked fine, however it made no difference.

Seems other people also have this problem with the NIC not connecting.


Disapointed that no fix has been found given the apparent widespread nature.

Wish I had researched a bit longer on the Killer NICs.

Few reviews I read of the board all gave glowing reviews. (Even though none went specifically into the Killer NIC)

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I had no issues with the audio NIC combination when I was testing the Z97 Gaming 7 nor have I had any issues with the Z87 GD65 I use in multiple test systems. Could be just a defect. I know Itunes played hell with the Killer NIC on one of my gigabyte boards. 

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Thought I had cracked the problem just there .... :(


The board has this "audio boost" power connector, which is basically a molex power connect to a header on the board.

I thought as the NIC and audio seem to be tied in so closely, perhaps this power connection was the cause.


I removed the connection and tested.


Worked 3 times in a row! Then on 4th test, back to normal....ages to auto-negotiate and end up @ 100.


The perfectionist in me just cant let it be... even buying a PCIe NIC is a 'dirty' solution to me :( 

Shame...as this board is great in all other regards.

Fantastic layout

Great BIOS

Appears to be running super stable.

Looks the part...


And I had hoped I would be fine going with on-board Audio (first build where I havent used a Sound card!) on board NIC.

Having just the GFX card as a PCIe device.


I did say during this build... ill never go Dual GFX cards again. Hence the mATX build.

However this board does support both SLi & CFX... and I still have 2 slots free atm!

So perhaps buying a PCIe NIC will cement my plan to always go with the best single GPU I can afford..

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