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New Pc Build AMD+AMD

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Did post that from the bar lmao.

You should probably avoid that. :lol:

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Even though the single, more efficient, more stable PSU would greatly improve his needs for durability and peace of mind :P


I'm not sure the OP knows he NEEDS a good PSU and WANTS a CPU/motherboard upgrade :P. The i3 he has now is a good CPU, if anything I'm sure he could score an old i5 or i7 from that generation on the cheap

He is running dual PSU's with dual UPS and cannot buy it even if he wanted to. He stated the upgrade cost on the PSU/UPS is not an option at this time.  

I guess...Atleast the newer Haswell i3 will be more efficient so that'll help put less strain on the cheap units in use...


Bro please understand i'll buy when i can afford for the mean time I'll stick with this

Sorry I'm so adamant about this, just don't want any of your fresh components getting lost to poor some power supplies, especially when you have a nice system now


Point made for the umpteenth time, Understand his situation and move on to provide a more helpful post that gets him to a better point for gaming. Reiterating the recommendation over and over is not going to change his budget. Its the continued beating of the proverbial dead horse that drives new members to other sites for their information when as a user base there are some good people here that can help.  This does not.  


At the OP sorry to derail this one.

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I'm still confused about the power supply UPS problem.  I can't tell much about the UPS he's using but let us assume that it is a 500W UPS based on the model number on front of the cover.  The OP doesn't need a high quality 650W gold rated power supply.


He could just as easily get a high quality 450W or 500W power supply that he could use with his current UPS.  A high quality 450W or 500W power supply would be more than enough to power his current rig + proposed mid-range video card upgrade + memory upgrade.  He wouldn't need two power supplies, and in fact the liklely reason he is using two now is because they are old, wore out or just really crummy quality.


And the USB 3.0 "wish" could easily be accomplished with an add-in card.


If I were were the OP I'd;


1. Keep my i3 540

2. Keep my 1156 board

3. Get a decent aftermarket air cooler and o/c the i3 540 to 3.4 - 3.6Ghz

4. Upgrade memory from 4Gb DDR3 1333 to 8Gb DDR3 1600Mhz

5. Upgrade power supply to 450W or 500W high quality brand name high efficiency unit

6. Upgrade video card from HD 7770 to GTX 750Ti (not mandantory but would be a good upgrade option that won't break the bank)

7. If USB 3.0 is a necessity get an add-on card


Any remaining budget put it towards a SSD

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Wevsspot By your calculation I'll be spending

Decent air cooler - 1200inr

8 gb ram - 4600inr

450w psu - 3000inr

Gpu - 9500 inr

Total 18300 inr or 305 inr (which seemed less if I were in USA) and this will totally f*ck the budget

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Don't forget the new motherboard, if you haven't bought that already.

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