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Upgrade Feasible or Processor Bottle Neck?

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Did you bump up BF4 to higher settings to see if the GPU gets more loaded or not?


No but I can and report back, last time I tried to set it to ultra for "lols" bf4 kept crashing, but I will try again. 



Alright, so.. I used MSI Afterburner and played a few games last night. I tried BattleField 4, and also Left4Dead 2. 


It does appear the CPU is my biggest bottle neck right now, and that my GPU isn't being all that taxed.. 


In BF4 I was seeing CPU utilization of 90%+ even when overclocked to 3.6ghz. GPU usage was ranging between 60%-70%. (Medium settings in graphics) 


In L4D2 it was a similar experience, CPU utilization was approximately 80%ish.. and GPU usage was 40-50%. (Max graphical settings. 


I am assuming this means my CPU will be the biggest culprit going forward.. I am actually a little surprised by this. I think at this point its time to start saving my pennies for a partially new build(CPU/MOBO/VID Card). With my current board I think my CPU upgrade path is a little limited. That being said.. it will probably be better for me to wait until I have the extra cash, or actually run into a game that is unplayable even on low settings.. As mentioned above, I will be upgrading to a 23 inch 1080p monitor so I will definitely recheck these numbers once this happens. 


Thanks for your help guys! 

The BF4 numbers don't add up at ALL in my experience.  Take a look at this. An older AMD quad can nearly keep up with the big boys when feeding the R9 290...the 5870 should be easy.  Based on how my 6950 ran BF4 though my guess is the card is the issue.   


Source games are a tougher animal to figure out for me.  I've had wildly variable numbers across many systems, but if it's running over 60 (and that should be reasonably easy with L4D2) I just don't worry about it anymore.  



Wow, thats interesting.. the Phenom II 980 is the closet model compared to mine, and I can probably get mine overclocked to 3.7 to basically be the same. I wonder if this goes back to the different/higher resolutions that IVIYTH0S mentioned earlier in the thread. 


I play at 1600x900 (wish I didn't) that benchmark is 1920x1200 considerably higher than mine. This does lead me to believe I shouldn't rule out my CPU just yet... I will need to do more testing, and do like IVIYTH0S said and bump BF4 up to a higher setting. 


And your right, with Source games I don't really care my system runs those at high without issue, I was just doing it for comparison sake.

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