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Which pool are you using,.. Stanford creates stats pages multiple times a day which contain all user data,.. and CoinCure servers download this stat page to confirm user data,.. YOU DO NOT NEED TO CHANGE TEEMS,.. all you should need to do is join a pool,.. I do not recommend joining CoinCure team or there pool,..  as things seem vary shady till glitches are sorted out.


Seems there was a BUG in the CoinCure distribution code,.. 1.5 million FAH bonus credits were going to an offline storage wallet which were unearned FAH credits,.. those bonus points should have been paid to folders on CoinCure Teem :vmad:  http://www.foldingcoin.net/index.php/news/


They are deploying new code to fix issues and  allow folders to be on "any teem"  not just CoinCure teem and join a pool. 

I was following the link above, tried to join the curecoin pool but cant even register, hhmmm think I will just stay where I am at...

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