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AMD APU For the Lady

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Hey OCC members.


I am looking to build a APU rig for my Gf.  Specs are attached 





Mostly for Microsoft office and movie (4k ready) when she decides the rig is too slow.



I am reading a lot about the Micro atx and  ATX not being to handle the coolermaster 212.

So I guess I am asking you guys whats a good case (around $50) that easy to work with, reliable, and can fit the 212.


Thank you!

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it is on sale at FRYS

and you need the promo code





This CASE is 30$ RIGHT now after rebate

this one is at newegg

free shipping


your cougar case is OK too

micro ATX or not does not matter

what matters is how close the memory is to the CPU and how tall the memory is

you will have to specifically read the reviews on the motherboard you want

but the 212 is a common sized, I wouldnt worry about it

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