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Damn you bios :(

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There are two types of snap in BIOS chips,.. shops use extractors to pull them,.. but a small flat screw driver works or a bent paperclip,..  http://www.biosflash.com/e/bios-chip-installation-removal.htm

Thanks you've been super helpful. I'll start working on removing my chip once I get the new system parts in to replace it.

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So my new AM1 machine is setup and it's awesome, noticeably more thrifty and smooth than my E350 but I'm determined to save ol' trusty. So far I was able to remove its bios chip, it actually was in some little mouth kind of thing that I opened up and the chip was able to be lifted right out!


Pics: (first one is the weird mouth socket *I highlighted it in green* and the other three are the chip from different angles for identification)






I guess I'll look into that company to reflash it now... I wonder what the best way to ship it so it doesn't get damaged. I have a bubble mailer that's not too much bigger than a standard envelope that may work... Any thoughts?

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