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Tjj226's rig part out

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I am gonna try my hands at building a custom rig centered around the intel 2011-V3 socket. As such, I am parting out my rig and old gear I have lying around the house.


Everything below includes shipping to the US48. If someone wants me to ship something to canada, we will discuss shipping terms. If someone REALLY needs me to ship something to the UK, I MIGHT be willing, but it totally depends on what you want. For instance, I am much more inclined to ship a tiny CPU to the UK than I am to ship a mobo.


1: i7 4820K. It is very reliable, and it is fairly new. I got it only a few months ago (I wanna say june). I can easily overclock it to 4.5Ghz stable. I feel fairly confident that I can push it farther, but I never had the need to.


I am looking for 275 for it, or a trade for a 5930K plus cash.




2: An asus P9X79-WS (not the E edition) motherboard. Same deal, I bought it very recently. This is the part of this part out that will kill me. I absolutely love this board. It is a true champ. But the blue asus colors are just plain awful. Normallly I would not mind, but if I want a good looking custom build, then I need some other motherboard.


The only down side about this board is that I am unsure if I can hunt down too many of the included accesorries. Obviously I will include the IO shield and what not, but just do expect the driver disk or the hundreds of stata cables it came with.


If you are interested in the bord, you can tell me what you need and I will hunt down some of the acessories, but no garuntees.


I am looking for 275, or trade plus cash for a asus X99 deluxe or X99 WS mobo.




3: Samsung miracle ram. I have two kits of 2x4GB of DDR3 samsung memory. My particular ram kit is a fairly good overclocking set. I would hesitate to say it is golden, but it is probably on the border line of beeing golden. I can easily overclock this ram to 2400mhz and I can even bench it at 2666mhz.


If you are interested in this ram, please check out my samsung ram club here http://www.overclock.net/t/1335977/samsung-miracle-memory-club


I am looking at get 100 bucks per kit or 165 for both kits. I am also willing to trade for a 16GB quad channel DDR4 kit.


I know I am asking for quite a bit of money, but these ram kits are fairly rare and mine in particular overclock very well.




4: Gigabyte X79 UP4


I bought this board originally for my chip. A friend of mine almost bought it off of me which is why I upgraded to the asus board. It is a used board, but I only used it for a month before this guy tried to buy it off of me. To make a long story short, he got a DUI and went to jail. I have since has this board in it's box collecting dust.


I am not looking to get much for this board at all. It is rather a poor overclocking board, and there are not a heck of a lot of features. To be completely honest, I really do not like this board what so ever. It does work, and it should come with a fair amount of warranty, but please be aware that I would only recommend this motherboard to someone who just wants to run a X79 chip at stock.


I am only looking for 125, or 100 if you want to use the mobo for folding.




I also have and assortment of hifi audio gear. I seriously doubt anyone on this forum with the exception of stonerboy would even be interested, but if someone wants some hi grade tube audio amplifiers, I have a few lying around. 


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