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Anyone used a G3258 yet?

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Hey guys! Long time no see!


I've been out of the loop for quite a while now (work, classes, yada-yada...) and I'm kinda itching to create a build again..


First things first, I've two 'build project' in mind and sadly I only have time and money for either one:


1. A "home server" for storing videos, pictures, music, etc...

Basically a PC that will hold back-ups of all my family's precious moments, digitized documents, etc,

(2 seperate drives, one willl be accessed periodically from other PCs in the house to back-up individual files while the other would back-up the first drive every month or so)

It will also act as a HTPC connected to the home router where my family can move movies (or other things) and stream them to the SmartTV in the living room (or connected to the TV right away, whichever works)


2. A new PC for my Dad.

He's been using my rig that I left at home for a while now and recently, the board just went ka-put. The processor is safe, fortunately, but this is precisely why I'm asking for opinions from you guys...


I've done some reading/catching up on the G3258-AE but something is still a mystery to me: Where is it aimed at? Is it for HTPCs? Home Workers? etc...?

Since its overclockable, surely its aimed at overclockers one way or the other. But in terms of performance, how would you use it in real-life tasks?


I was thinking that I'll be getting this chip for a new build for my Dad, then get a new board for the Phenom II and use it for the "home-server" build. But I've no idea how the G3258 stacks up against the Phenom II.

Obviously, a "home-server" as I've described above wouldn't need some serious fire-power.

Meanwhile, my Dad uses his for reading PDFs, making presentations, light-editing some pictures, ocassionally ripping movies for his iPad, etc.. (You know, day-to-day task of an all-rounder PC)

So which one should I get for my Dad and which one for the home server?


That's why I'm looking to see if some of you guys had a chance to play with one already and perhaps share some thoughs on the matter. Is it a good enough chip to plug a GTX760 to it for gaming? Is it an overkill OC chip for writing up documents and day-to-day tasks? Is it too hot or too power hungry for a HTPC? Those kind of stuff..


Any sensible inputs would be appreciated guys!


Cheers! :cheers:

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