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Cheap old Xion case + Rosewill PSU?

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Is there any practical reason to buy a newer case, now that I'm upgrading/changing out parts? I've been thinking maybe a case without a door so I could add an LCD temperature display or something, but I don't know that I'd use that over software.


I've been re-using the same old Xion black/blue steel ATX case in various budget systems for myself for years, with different PSUs depending on need (one died) and have never had any space or cooling issues, though I don't do anything too extreme to create heat.


If I had to guess I'd say my case is from 2008. It has no damage to it (maybe scuffs on the window if you look hard?)


Are there newer equivalents with some advantage or feature or anything that might be worth a thought?



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Newer cases (may) have provision for  bottom mounted power supply (can be set up to pull air from under case, often thru a dust filter), generally there is provision for more fans (may be a lot of quiet ones or a great deal of cooling), possibly longer video cards, USB3.0 front panel connections, and considerable cable management space. Possibly HHD trays will mount SSDs,


Do you need or want any of these features?


Lots of fan mounts may make things louder, and require regular dust filter cleaning. Top fan grid(s) can allow spills in, or fall in of small bits.


Generally when replacing an older case, price vs features can be an issue.

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No, is your summed up answer. As long it's under 20 years old, it should work fine.

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