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Favorite Graphic Cards Of All Time

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I figured you would list the 4870X2 lol

Well of course. I'd never owned a GPU for 3 years without replacing it till that card. :lol:

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Pretty much favored all of the cards I've ever owned - I don't buy junk usually.


Sapphire X1300XT OC (Similar to the x1600 Pro)

Sapphire X1650Pro (was for a workstation)

^mostly sentimentality, but they were good price/performance at the time too


Sapphire X1950Pro (upgraded to after the X1300XT)


HIS 3870 IceQ3\

 Had two in CrossfireX, with an opteron 165 at 3.2 ghz (maybe 3.1, the 3800x2 may've been the 3.2+'er..)on a peltier, 4x512 DDR600 (stock DDR500) Crucial Tracers IIRC - smoking fast system back then :wub: . Still have all of these parts, cards are pretty much shot but I have considered reusing the heat sinks... Pushed one a little too far with the volt modding :whistling:



6200 LE that unlocked to 6600

skipped 7-series, there were some nice cards though like 7600GT...

Mostly skipped 8 too, obviously 8800 lasted for quite a while - still own a 9800GTX+


XFX 285 Black Edition




currently using a r9 280x and nvidia 770 and loving them both :teehee:

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One of my favorite card was the 4200Ti... for the simple reason that it could run every game I wanted to play back in that time. It couldn't overclock, if I got 50 more MHz ( to put it around stock announced clocks), but I could max out Delta Force Xtreme and Arx Fatalis. I did LANs on Tactical Ops and so on. That was the good time.


The suckest card was the ATI Radeon 7800 (pre-HD ones, before they launched the x800 series). It wasn't compatible with any game, and one driver update threw my gaming experience down the drain (no textures, AT ALL) and it did not want to revert to an older driver.


On a more positive note, the HD 6950 and the 7970 GHz are great yet, I even have the 6950 just sleeping in a box, in case my 7970 gives up the ghost.

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I would have to say these older cards I did majority  of my gaming on. Back when I needed something bang for the buck. Can we make a list of all the cards we owned over the years? I think i'm only missing a few from each generation of Nvidia and ATi.


1. Geforce 3 64MB

2. ATi 4870

3. ATi X1950XT

4. Geforce 260 (192 Cuda)

5. Geforce GTX Titan (Only because I got it dirt cheap)

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Aww man, some great old (and new) cards in here!


1. ATI X850XT Platinum Edition, first performance card I owned, my first gpu was a Radeon 7500 Dual-view, and that 850 was a big step up from that, played HL2 like a boss, it just didn't have enough Vram to run my pair of NEC Diamondtron CRT's at 2048x1536, and well, it only goes up to DX9.0b/SM2, it's actually still going in the classic gaming box I built for my little cousin.


2. Asus GeForce 9600 GSO 512mb, bought 3 of these when they were on sale for $35 apiece on newegg, bios flashed and overclocked them to 9800GT specs, put two in my old Athlon 64 box and ran em till I built my Phenom II rig, they overclocked like champs, even if the top card ran hot as hell in that old SLI board only one 1 PCI-E slot away from it's twin, those cards went too a friend after I got my 6870 until he could afford his GTX-770TI


3. Diamond Radeon HD-6870, still going strong in my GF's computer, which is pretty much just my old gaming/multimedia box that I built when I won $1200 at the casino like 4 years ago, served me well in the time I had it, I'm probably going to ebay a second card to crossfire since they're only around $100 now, my first 3rd party ATI card as well.


4. MSI Radeon R9 290, my current card and the first high end card I've ever bought, planning on picking up a second one with my christmas bonus this year, although I need better monitors to really get the most out of it, the 47inch TV I'm using is a little, bleh, for gaming on, 1080p movies and anime look great though =]

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No need to make a list!  The best card (and favourite) is my current card. EVGA 670FTW.

Why? Because it does everything I need it to do.

To put it simply, the others were not able to handle today's tech. (Not completely, anyway).

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When I think back to some of the nostalgic hardware that when mentioned by name brings back fond memories of the day.  :happy:


I could go back to the 1970's with IBM's first offerings with RGBI interface CRT monitors @ 640X200,.. but that would bore most of you younger folks,.. so I'll only go as far back as the Direct X10 days,.. with some great cards I enjoyed. 


NVIDIA GeForce 256 and the GTX 280

NVIDIA GeForce 4Ti 4600 and the 6800 ultra

NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GTX and the 9800 GX2

AMD Radeon R700 (4850/4870) 

AMD Radeon HD 5970 and 6990

NVIDIA GeForce 7950 GX2

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 580 and the GTX 590

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780 and the GTX 780 Ti

Edited by Braegnok

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nVidia 8800GTS - the first "upscale" discrete video card I ever purchased


x2 AMD HD 4850 - my first go at Crossfire


x2 nVidia GTX 460 - my first go at SLi


x2 nVidia GTX 570 - wow those cost me a lot of money when I bought them  :(


x2 nVidia GTX 670 - current and likely not going to change for a while

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