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I've always been a rap fan  and quite frankly I'm getting bored of it, although I'll probably still listen to it now and then I really feel like I should explore into different genres, not saying it's my main go to but I've tried getting into other genres and couldn't really find anything I liked - except the blues.


Please keep the minimum of why you hate rap low, I know you guys are out there that'll say it ;)


Tonight I discovered a musician by the name of Sugar blue, I really enjoy his singing and he's excellent on the harmonica. I think Blues is one of the genres I could really fit into since it seems to calm my mind more.


So any new suggestions of new Blue bands I could get into, I mean like just starting or what not of course I know the blues brothers of course, who doesn't?


But if there are any blues fans out there you should give this guy a listen.






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