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Which Monitor Would You Choose


Monitor Choice  

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  1. 1. If it was free which of the following would you choose?

    • 24" 1080 with a 144 refresh
    • 27" 1440 with a 60 refresh
    • 29" Ultrawide 2560x1080 with a 60 refresh

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i don't own a 24' 144hz but i do own a 27' 120hz and at first i think 120-144hz monitor is overrated but after using it for months going back to 60hz gives me a headache :ouch:


but if i was given a choice between a 144hz screen and 21:9 i will definitely choose the latter cause i like the extra pixel without stressing the gpu too much. gaming is even better since your fov is wider. i really don't understand why everyone is hyped up over 4K hd when 21:9 is so much better for gaming and even for movies.



have you looked at LG 25UM65? it should give you better ppi count vs 29'

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Can I vote for none since 1080p 60hz isn't on the list . These higher refresh rate monitors give me a headace as they often "fake" the extra frames. If the monitor has real 144hz than maybe....


Funny thing I was playing boardlands 2 the other day and I had to cap it at 30fps because I couldn't handle the quick repsonse time / fps of GTX Titans in SLI lol .

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