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A newbie in need for help

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 If I were you I'd stay away from oc'ing until you get it to run stable at stock settings.


^  This.  


1st - Make sure that you are running the latest BIOS version for your motherboard.  If not, update BIOS

2nd - If you're already running the latest BIOS, clear CMOS (reset BIOS), boot and load BIOS defaults

3rd - After loading the BIOS defaults, go the memory settings section in your BIOS and manually set the four primary memory timings, memory voltage and set command rate to 2T


Save settings and then run Memtest 86+ for eight hours (or overnight).


Report results back here.


Were you using AI Suite for overclocking your CPU or were you working through BIOS?


hey man. sory the ram was detected (my mistake) but my win 7 ultimate only use 6GB as usable. why is that? =/

i OC using the AI Suite because when i tried to use this (exactly like this) http://rog.asus.com/216552013/crosshair-motherboards/guide-overclocking-fx-8350-to-4-8ghz-on-crosshair-v-formula-z/ the temperature skyrocked from 48c (after ive cleaned my fan and everything and just switched on my pc) to 80c in just 1 min when i started the stress test.. crazy right/??

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Remember that Maximum Recommended Core Temp for all Fx processors, except the 4100 and 6100, is 61.1 Degrees Celsius. The socket


can be hotter. There is no real recommendation for it. This is the word from Amd Global Tech Support. If you disagree call them and they will dack up what I say.


Remmember that you can probably fudge a little and be ok. This is just FYI. See if it is socket temp or core temp. Either way you should be ok. But I woukd be carefull about letting core temps get above


65 Degrees celcius

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Im currently playing with some AMD CPU's and so far they have been good up to 71-72C before they freeze and reboot. 


First like others have said make sure you are fully stable and can pass something like Intel Burn test or Prime 95 before moving onto some overclocking. Your Kuhler 620 is going to be marginal before you hit really big clocks and will struggle some in the high ambient temperatures you have. My ambient is between 22 and 24C for reference.  


Make sure the airflow is managed through your case. Have as close to an equal amount coming in as going out.  Cooling the CPU and VRM is everything with these chips.  

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