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Windows GENUINE!


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What can i do? 


This appear me after update..


For your own safety, I have removed your picture. I would suggest you make sure any other picture in the future has your product ID blacked out - you do not want other people to know your product ID.


Normally a black desktop with "Windows is not genuine" is caused by a hardware change. To rectify this, you must reactivate your Windows 7 online.

If you experience any problems with online activation, you can call the Microsoft call center which will help you activate over the phone.


Hope this helps :)

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As per the OCC Rules : http://forums.overclockersclub.com/index.php?showtopic=78715


6. Absolutely NO piracy/warez links, requests, discussions, or suggestions. Don't even hint around about it. This includes cracks, serial numbers, download links, etc. The same goes for pornographic material, drugs, or any other illegal activities. - OverclockersClub will not be held responsible for your actions.
I am under the impression you are seeking help to install/activate Windows illegally, please refrain from piracy as it is not allowed - please purchase a legitimate copy or use an open-source OS.
If you have a licensed version of Windows and are receiving a black screen with "Windows is not genuine", use your product ID to activate online.
You can do this by typing "Activate windows" in the search bar when the Start menu is opened and clicking on "Activate windows" and proceeding through the various steps.
It also provides you with a number to call Microsoft support to assist you with activating if the online activation is not successful.

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