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Diy pwm controller for fan or pump

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hi everyone, i'm not an expert on electronics so i really need your help on this one. i've been looking around for a way to control my non pwm fans or pump via pwm signal straight from motherboard pwm header. after googling around i found some schematics and ready to make some on my own.


here is one from techpowerup forums






and another one from robotroom





now i'm a total noob when it comes to transistor, so is this plausible? both circuit is different but still using pwm signal as control. as i understand pwm speed control is done by turning the motor on and off at a very high speed(measured in hz) so lowering down the fan speed means the on and off cycle is done at a much lower hz right? i want to try the first schematic but split the fan header in two, one header with 12v and grnd goes directly to psu and the pwm and tach goes to the motherboard.


i also found some pwm controller from ebay, is this a better solution?



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