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Swapping laptop HDD for HDD

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I have never have been familiar with notebooks but I bought one for office use (it's able to game a bit as well), an Acer V552G


All this to ask :


How of a pain is it to swap the sold HDD in said notebook for a SSD (I don't mind about space) knowing that I only have a USB stick with the Windows 8 installation on it.


I must add that I bought full retail Windows DVD for my other computers at home. So doing the swap, would I need a store tech to install it for me (knowing I only got Windows 8 on that specific USB stick), could I simply install Windows with that stick, or would I need to format and install Win 7 from one of my DVD's and then upgrade to Win 8?



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So just putting the SSD in, plugging in the USB stick and installation goes on ?

You have to set your bios to boot off the usb stick and then your good to go, but make sure after it installs and says it is rebooting you remove the usb stick or it will start the install over again.

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