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The G43 has a six phase power delivery system whereas the G45 has an eight phase power delivery system.  That difference "may" and I stress "may" impact the top end overclocking headroom and motherboard power efficiency numbers.


Otherwise the primary differences in the boards are illustrated below;


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This has probably already been solved, but I would like to add that from my experience, avoid ASRock like the plague! I have used 5 ASRock boards in my life and I had issues with every single one of them. I had one ASRock board, I think a Q45 based board if I remember right, I had to RMA it 3x to finally get one that worked! I have also had a few friends that also had issues with their ASRock boards, both of them were using Z77/Z87 and 990FX based ones.


Asus and Gigabyte and about the only Motherboards I bother fooling with anymore. MSI Is hit and miss as I've found out today.


Actually now that I think about it, I haven't had a single issue with a Gigabyte board in years. The lower end Asus boards can be a bit wonky at times, but their mid grade and ROG boards are ace. As far as your OP is concerned I 2nd the Asus board.

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Every manufacturer has problems at one time or another. Its how they address them that counts. Another thing to look at is the BIOS and how well it is setup and how often it is updated.


The last few ASrock boards I have looked at have been incredibly solid in terms of performance and ease of use with no real concerns.

The last few ASUS and MSI boards have like wise been fool proof from a usability perspective. We currently use an MSI board, the Z87 GD65-Gaming as our test board so I have confidence in it. I have 4 different boards that have been flawless through different builds.

ASUS Mainstream boards have proven to be pretty solid as well.

I dont look at enough Gigabyte boards to offer a current opinion but they have been solid as well over the years.

Even ECS is upping their game at this time. 

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