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Ok guys,


I have a project that I need to complete this summer for work. I am going to be bringing down some older servers and virtualizing new ones. I am going to be using hyper-v, and I am going to be moving 3-6 servers to the new virtual server. Let me start by giving you a bit of background.


Server 1: Does DHCP, and is a file server

Server 2: Application Server

Server 3: Web server, Exchange 2010

Server 4: Domain Controller

Server 5: Backup Domain Controller, Printer Server

Server 6: NAS box 3.6TB (7200 rpm ZFS raid)


My ideal scenario would be to visualize everything, and to be able to consolidate down. Although I am not sure of how to guesstimate what kind of stats my new server is going to have to have.




Multi Processor, Hopefully 8-16 cores (not sure on models)

32-64gb's of memory

multi-network cards (gig infrastructure)

at least 2-4TBs of space (redundant) 10k-15k RPMs if possible


My budget 5,000-7,000


I am sure I am asking a lot for that small of a budget, but well that's all i got.


Any recommendations?









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How much CPU and Memory are allocated to the physical servers right now, and how well do they handle their server tasks? It gives you an estimate of what you'll need to go for, and you can re-allocate resources later with virtualization.


Network Bandwidth and Disk throughput will be your main bottlenecks. You might want to fit in some SSD's in your setup. You'll also need want a RAID controller card with a BBU for your NAS.


Basically, my server at home can do all your tasks (upgraded to two XEON X5650's on the cheap). You can easily get a similar setup within your budget, they key is finding used parts. You don't need the latest and greatest parts, especially for the CPU's (they'll be really expensive if you try).


However, strategizing virtualization of servers can be tricky, and I suggest thinking it all through before making the switch. If your server goes down, everything goes down. You'll want another server or two to cluster together for failover support and for hardware and sometimes software updates.

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Would need to know a lot more information including info about existing servers, how many physical servers you want to consolidate to, and infrastructure to be of much help. My initial reaction though is cannot be done on that budget. When planning on consolidation I always recommend the PDC not be virtualized but virtualizing BDC's is fine.

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