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Tablet advice

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I'm looking at getting a new Tablet as my current Kobo Vox is pants and the battery is on its way out. It will be mainly used for reading ebooks but I'm hoping a more recent tablet with better grunt than the Vox will allow me to do more like reading graphic novels and watching TV/films.


My budget is about

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I am firm on Samsung but I have others as well. Best cheap 10.1 tablet i have is a Hannspree Hannspad. very nice for 100.00 tablet. I dont anything about the Nook abut the kindles are nice and I'd probably pick the LG in your selection.

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Sorry i dont know the exact pricing(i live where we dont use USD) but in terms of quality i have had my Samsung Galaxy Note 8 for about 6 months and I love it. I gave my Ipad 2 to my wife :P


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My thoughts on Tablets. I have owned/used/fixed many of these little guys. this is not a direct point to any of them, just the highlights or cons I have personally encountered.


erhmagawd, also you have to remember used devices! especially if you are on a budget.


ipad 1 - not bad, old iOS, no camera. still usable by todays lower quality device standards

ipad 2 - perfect for mid-range , first time tablet. very smooth even for todays standards

ipad 3/4 - nice and fast, look is played out from being nearly identical to ipad 2's. good response & battery life, poor quality glass

ipad mini - lightweight, smaller screen w/better quality LCD, fast to todays standards, sensitive home button area glass, stronger metal than ipad 2/3/4

ipad air - not as light as I thought,  full weight of the battery in my hands, and there isn't much else to an ipad besides that hardware wise - same speed as ipad 4


kindle fire - good weight, soft rubber back feel. most have charge ports which will break even with proper care

kindle fire HD - what kindle fire should of been. nice if you understand how to use amazon cloud, rich LCD & feels like a book in a odd way


asus transformer - disappointed. removable keyboard has fragile connectors. battery is not very good, overall speed feels less than ipad 2 on fresh install

asus vivotab - impressed. windows based (plus for me). better keyboard/dock and nicer screen. feels sturdier than the transformer and is much faster.


galaxy tab 7in - cheap plastic feeling, was not impressed by much. feels like a tablet of a pumped up s2

galaxy tab 2 - ironically I don't feel much of a difference. it may be how the customers had them setup but man it was nearly identical experience to me

galaxy tab 3 7in - much faster, still feels cheap when holding overall. nicer screen but feels sluggish while using many apps, most like because theres a lot of bloat-ware pre-installed


acer iconia a700 10.1 - cheap plastic feel, many hardware issues. poor battery life. very disappointed in overall performance


nexus 7 - okay. had an outdated version of android on it for some reason, I don't think everything was on it right LOL.

screen looked okay and it handled OK. it is most likely the most average of tablets to me



I have also used many of the $100 tablets like dr.bowtie describes. I don't know if I am spoiled by using fast tech, but some of them are just a pain.

bogged down versions of android coupled by outdated cpu's.  a lot have much lower quality digitizers resulting in poor touch performance.

some even have such lower quality lcd's you can see a hint of blue in them


You get what you pay for, and for a new quality product expect to pay around $200(us) starting.

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