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Question about Ultra DMC CRC errors.

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I am using some Toshiba 3tb drives for storage that I had to buy during the great hard drive panic awhile ago. Nothing else was in stock or was crazy high priced. So these are not my ideal/favorite drives.




Now I use defraggler to monitor my drives and It noticed some Ultra DMA CRC error counts on both of them 45 in the first and 9 in the second. It hasn't changed for quite some time so I figured it would be a non issue. Well I just transferred some more data to it and today it came back with a total of count of 55.


Now to transfer files I use Teracopy and copy the files to the new drive CRC check them then manually delete the originals. All the data I've transferred has check out OK according to Teracopys CRC checks.


So according to Teracopy everything has copied perfectly but my drive is still showing more errors. Which should I go off of? I was told a UDMA error meant that the original attempt failed and it had to try again but the data should still be intact. But then I've read the opposite... Or that it might be a cable error. Should I get better housings for the drives with better USB cables?


Please help me out guys.


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