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Debating A Build. Need Advice From What I Have....

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Ok, I am running the following system...

ASrock Z77 Extreme4 Motherboard,

I7 3770 (non k),

8GB DDR3 1600 (2X4 CL9),

1280MB GTX 570 TwinFrozrII Video Card,

2X120GB SSD In Raid0 (intel 520),

Coolermaster 1000W PSU

27" Samsung LED Monitor 1080P


Being that this is the NonK chip, I cant really overclock it, and the small amount that I can, isn't really worth it.


I am selling off the GTX 570 and am in the process of doing research on a good Card to replace it with. I am trying to get back into the gaming scene, and with this card, its really showing its age on current titles. On FFIX ARR, I have to turn everything almost off in quality settings to run it at 1080P at 60FPS.


I guess my real question is, should I keep using what I am using? OR should I maybe look into building something with the 4th gen i7 and upgrade the whole pc?? I also was thinking about going to AMD for an 8 Core, but from all the reviews and posts I have read, it doesn't seem if any if at all, an upgrade from what I am using. The parts are all about a year old since I got them, and everything works great, but should I be looking to build something newer?


Any thoughts would be great. Thanks!

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The gtx 570 should run FF 14 ARR really well as my gtx 480 (at that time) could run the game 60fps easy.

Only thing i needed to turn down was the draw distance and voila 60fps, 1080P (i could almost max the game).


Don't expect to run it 60fps constant as it is an mmorpg and depending what happens on screen (50 people raid for example) does affect the fps.

No matter what card you put in your system, this is a CPU matter.


If you were to make an upgrade, i would suggest getting the GTX770.

The price of the card is good and the performance is really good as well.


Just stick with that I7 because no game (except mmorpg's) is going to stress that cpu to the max.

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