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5 monitors on 2 AMD HD 6950 graphic cards.

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What I'm trying to do: Setup 5 separeted monitors on two XFX Radeon HD 6950.

Problem: I'm only able to activate 4 monitors (DVI ports) on 5. The last one, with an active mini-DP to DVI-D single link adapter, doesn't work. I always received the same error message telling me that the link didn't work.

What I tried to do:
1- Tried with and without crossfire: Didn't work.
2- Check if the updates were done: Everything look good.
3- Tried to set-up only three monitors on one graphic card. 2 DVI + 1 adaptator. Didn't work.
4- Tried many combinaisons 2DVI/1HDMI, 1DVI/1HDMI/1adaptator and on both graphic cards. Didn't work.
5- Tried again many combinaison with 4 different monitors. Didn't work.
6- Tried to configure eyefinity, even if I don't want it because I want 5 seperated monitors. Didn't work.
7- Tried a passive mini-DP to DVI. The mini-DP worked but I wasn't able to activated more than one other monitor.

Windows 7
The adaptor: http://www.canadacomputers.com/product_info.php?cPath=9...)
Monitors: 1x BENQ BL2400, 2x BENQ RL2455HM, 1x ACER G235HL and 1x LG FLATRON W2353V.

Any clues/solutions?


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I had a 6950 in the past and the only issue I ever had was only two of either the two DVI ports or the HDMI could be active at once. I used both of the mini DP ports at various times with adapters to run other DVI monitors with no issues, just can't combine the two built in DVI ports with the HDMI at the same time.  Never had any other issues with it and it's been sold so no way to try and recreate your exact scenario here anymore. As for the adapter you're using looks to be the same type I was using.

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