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Overclocking a CPU in Ubuntu

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Good staff ...
I would like to overclock my CPU but not the faintest idea how to do, so I ask your help.
My hardware is:
P6T SE Motherboard
GeForce GTX 650 OC 1GB
CPU Intel i7-920 quad core 2.66 GHz SKT 1156
Team Elite Memory DDR3 3x2GB 1333MHz triple channel
Hard Drives Toshiba SSD Solid State Drive 128GB Q Series
Western Digital Blue 500GB 7200rpm 3GB / s
Western Digital Green 1.5TB 7200rpm 3GB / s
Sound Card Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Platinum

The machine is usually connected 24x7, and I'm looking for a setup that fits what I intend, I hope that with your help can get to "she."

I thank you your answers.
Be well.

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Most seasoned and experienced overclockers, overclock by changing parameters in the BIOS, not in the OS.


There are literally hundreds of overclocking guides for the i7 920 / socket 1366 platform.  Just google the search terms "how to overclock intel i7 920".  Hint, if you look around our forums you'll probably find a guide or two also  :)

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