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moving hard drive from one external enclosure to another PLEASE HELP&#

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okay so I am about to shove a hot spoon in my eye over all this.


I have a Seagate 9sean3-500 Expansion Desktop external 3TB hard drive with a mini USB 3 connector (which sucks) so I bought a rose will RX-358-U3B reading that it will support up to 4TB hard drive.


When I remove the drive from my Seagate and put it in my RX-358-U3B, it does see the drive as a 3tb it sees it as broken up partitions.  now I know windows 7/8 doesn't see anything over 2tb with an MBR unless something fancy is done but I would think I could move it from one external case to another.  of course this drive is virtually full and I don't have another drive to back up the data.


Someone please help before I go even more crazy.


I did think I could convert it to GPT while it was in the Seagate case but apparently you can't do that with an external hard drive.

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