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Whats better? 4GB PC8500 or 8GB PC6400?

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Having decommissioned my old server I now have 4x 2GB OCZ Reaper PC6400 RAM going spare.


Currently my main rig has 2x 2GB Corsair Dominator PC8500 installed.


My thought was to replace the Corsair ram with the OCZ boosting me to 8GB. 

I have noticed in games like Crysis 3 that my RAM use jumps to 99%, so I figure a boost to 8GB would help.


However.... my Xonar D2 sound card is currently in the top PCI slot and this blocks RAM slot #1. So in order to install the 8GB I would need to loose the Xonar sound card :(


I have a Creative X-Fi of some sort (old...) in my Media PC I could substitute. Not sure I want to retire the D2 though... its been very good!



So, what would you do/recommend?


A.) Faster 4GB RAM with Xonar D2


B.) Slower 8GB RAM with X-Fi card



Factors to keep in mind.... I only game @ 1600x1200 now. (since the death of my BenQ FP241W :'()


Thanks for reading.

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Made the switch Last night.


Running on 8GB now with a X-fi card in-place of the Xonar D2.


Now have spare parts from the old server.... may build a new Gaming machine forthe living room:


C2Q Q6600




PCP&C 610W

Xonar D2


Replace the machine in my sig labled as "Media"....

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