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I need to buy a PCIe to SATA Card.


My Mother board only has 4 SATA ports.

I have 2 internal HDD's, and a SATA DVD  so that only leaves 1 open SATA slot.

I have 2X2.5 HDDs and 2 X SSD drives I would like to use in a 4X 2.5 Hot~Swapable HDD bay but only 1 spare SATA port available.

Motherboard is only SATA II but i will eventually upgrade the Old Gigabyte GA MA 790XDS4.


Any suggestions on what Card I should get?  Would like to stay in the $50 range but if best don't mind spending $100 ish





NIC is not necessary but I wouldn't be opposed to having a 4 port NIC to eventually set the 4 Bay HotSwaper up with a raid Config.

I have never configured a Raid set up. My current PC will most likely be converted to a File server running windows server when I get my new PC in June or July.


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Yup! That controller tends to work well with Linux as well without hassle if you ever head in that direction for your file server.

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