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pls help clocking e8400

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Hi all,


Im new here and im an absolute idiot when it comes to overclocking (more of a software guy). However I would like to get the best from my system before I upgrade the whole system. I really wouldn't know anything, not even where to start nor how to check if I have all the prerequisites for overclocking.This is my configuration atm:


MBO: Asus 5PKE-Wifi

Proc: Intel Core2Duo E8400

Mem: 2xKingston KVR800 2G + 2xKingston KVR800 1G

PSU: Corsai VX450 W

CPU Cooler: Cooler Master Seidon 120M

GPU: ATI Sapphire HD4470 -> probably switching to GTX650 or HD7790 this week


I'm not sure about the memmory, is everything compatible for an OC and is it even worth it?

if someone could step guide me i would be really thankful (i keep reading that e8400 is really easy to clock up to 3.6 ghz)


thank you very much in advance.

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I'd drop the multiplier on the cpu by one or two clicks and lower the ram divider as low as you can.


The first thing you'll want to be doing is finding the FSB limits of your motherboard, as that will likely be your primary overclocking limiter.


Next up you FSB maybe 20mHz and see if it's stable with some Prime95 testing (torture test set to blend and make sure round off checking is on)


Can you get some pictures of your bios, since every motherboard has different terminology for different things

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thanks for replying... this would be the same prc and same mobo here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b79J8LhX6lI


i hope it is better than taking a picture with my phone... as for the rest of what you said im sorry :( but it sounds like ancient greek to me :S


is my RAM going to be a problem for the OC ?

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