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Need a Recommendation

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For a good CPU/Mobo Combo.  Here are the particulars;


I am currently running a 980x in a Rampage 3 Extreme (See sig).  I have recently purchased 2xMSI R9 290's, as I have a gaming habit.  I am running into issues with the pcix 2.0 not being able to handle the xfire data transfer (or at least I've tried everything else to fix my problems that I know of) and am going to have to move to something newer.  I have a decent soundcard (X-Fi Fatality) and a budget of around $600 (somewhat flexible).  I do not plan on OC'ing this thing to the moon, but if there is a  simple automatic bios setting (like on my Rampage) I will probably set it as high as it will go.



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