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Need MS Access Advice


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Can anyone point me to some books or tutorials to help me learn Microsoft Access.

It is so important to me I will even pay for online classes if necessary. 


I need advice from anyone who has built a customer data base for the purpose of Scheduling recurring appointments and invoicing with Access.. How does it work with and share information with other office programs like Outlook and Excel? Does it work with Microsoft Map point?  I know (from google)Map point works with SQL database is that the same thing as  Access?

I am going to get Office 365 Small Business Premium. Also going to buy Microsoft Map Point.

I want to build a Database that will help me with my 7+ years of information on 2400+ customers. I schedule 6-8 jobs a day all within a 40 Square mile area (The Villages Florida) that is divided into 65+ villages and growing. So scheduling the jobs as close together as possible is HUGE and is not as easy or simple as it sounds.

Its just my fiance and I working/running the business. So I need to get our workflow streamlined. I currently use a laptop in the truck so i can keep the database on it.

As it sits we wash houses from 7 am till 3-5 PM and then we field calls and emails sometimes till 7-8 at night. Burning the candle at both ends from the end of August till the end of January and if we get any busier we will not be able to keep up so I am between a rock and a hard place. I know that with a good database i can cut Phone and Email time in 1/2 when it comes to scheduling and adding new appointments for new clients.


One big problem with QB customer Manager is I can not keep it on the same machine with Quickbooks Pro because they corrupt each others information. Stupid that Intuit still sells customer manager and have not made one fix for it sense 2006 and they are well aware of the problems it has with QB Pro.. Sad Effin thieves....Also QBCM only exports to QB Pro and Just Names and addresses none of the information and scheduling Notes i need...

post here or hit me up at jeff at tlchw  net

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My company offers logontolearn classes for Microsoft certification. Some is free, some expensive (one on one tutorial $39 an hour I think.

The website is pretty flexible, video, guides, classes, and one on one tutorials.

My experience is only with the video tutorials and guides for certification.

Gcflearnfree.org is another resource, we were told to use it before employer purchased licenses from logontolearn.

Don't know if it will help. My experience is with word and excel, basically a limited set of routines.

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