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About to buy a gun

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Yes, I'd like to know the paint secret too.  How and what kind of paint did you use?


Looks pretty cool.

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Yeah, its really easy, but it looks really nice.

Materials: Cheap nail polish (any color). 91% rubbing alcohol. Acetone or nail polish remover. Cotton balls.


1. Clean the surface with the rubbing alcohol.

2. Paint over the etchings and overlap on the sides. Basically, you want the entire etching and some space on the edges to be completely covered in a nice thick coat of nail polish.

3. Let it dry, the longer the better, just to make sure its dry. 

4. Take a cotton ball, get some acetone on it (not so much that it drips), and lightly rub over the nail polish. For best results, lightly make passes in the same direction. Emphasis on lightly. Take your time with it.

5. Be careful not to touch the freshly cleaned surface until the nail polish left in the etchings dries back up.  


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