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Laptop randomly shuts down hard in Docking station but works fine with

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Hi lads,


I got a Samsung P480 laptop and the Samsung P-Dock docking station and it's been a beautiful work combination ever since! However, since a few weeks ago, it sometimes randomly shuts down when in the docking station. I don't mean like a BSOD or just regular shutdown, but it's a hard one. Suddenly the screen goes black and poof its off! The first time this has happened was after I have installed jDownloader, but I removed that since but it makes no difference. It happens most often when the laptop is under stress, however I have also gamed Battlefield 2 for like two hours and that hasn't phased it much?


I'm at a loss as to what it could be? I've run a chkdsk /r just to make sure...


Thanks a lot for you input guys!

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I would suggest we check the CPU for the overheated issues.

Try check the docking cooling system.


Clean the FAN and heatsinks to make sure the airvent duct is not stuck by the dust.


If still the same problem, try reset Bios default, disable all startup apps using the 'msconfig' command, reboot.

This is try to help making sure no startup apps causing the unexpected shutdown or causing the system to run hotter than necessary.


Hope this helps.


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