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I really like it. I would love to have something that looks like that sitting next to my tv for a HTPC. really good work man. keep it up


Thank you! :)


Hello everyone!


So I finally finished Cold Winter, the third version. I went back and checked when I started the first project log for this case, 2011-01-04, a while ago. However, this mod has meant a lot to me, this was the second serious project I made and the first one I was really satisfied with. Since then I made a second version and then started planning a third version that I promised myself was going to be the last, and here it is!


The sad part is the scratches on the acrylic, this was made when I built this case at my school, someone there thought it was funny to start etching stuff on it, the same happened at Dreamhack. So sad, I tried as good as possible to polish it but not with a really good result. The good part is that isnt really easy to see if you dont put a light right on the scratches.


I want to say thank you for all the nice comments and feedback of Cold Winter and I also want to give a big shoutout to the sponsors for helping me with the hardware!


EKWB! Thank you for helping me.




Be Quiet sponsored me with a Shadow Rock 2.




Gigabyte sponsored me with a GA-F2A88XN-WIFI.




MNPCTech sponsored me with this fan grill to have in the front, should look awesome!  


Clear Acrylic 120mm Overkill "Nautilus" PC Fan Grill from Mnpctech.com   






Well do you want to see the final pictures? Here you go! :)
















Ill be back here with more updates on other projects. Until then, I would be happy if you would like to check out my facebook-page where I post all my projects, updates and giveaways. Check it out and like it. :)


Thank you everyone!


With kind regards

Johan Nyman

Minimalistic PC's

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