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My name is Johan Nyman, Im 21 years old and living in Sweden. I recently finished two mods, CURV3D and F4DE, one scratchbuild and one casemod. So now Im going to work on a older scratchbuild that I want to upgrade and also fix the small mistakes I did before. And I want to share this build at this forum!

This time I will also add a custom watercooling loop and other goodies.

Well lets start by some pictures of the parts of the case that I have to work with right now.

It consists of the parts, the frontpanel, the sides and the backpanel. All together it creates a nice shaped case.




As you see the acrylic is kind of rough, many scratches. So I will start working on that. The acrylic part didnt really fit perfect either as seen on this picture:


So I measured out and cut 4-5mm so it fits better!



I will install the motherboard on the right side of the acrylic, and because I dont want to show the backside of the motherboard through the acrylic I gave it some black paint!




Im currently planning on what kind of hardware and other stuff I will use in this project. The next thing I will do is to cut out a hole in the backpanel for the powersupply and start working on a shroud over the bottom part of the case.

Thank you for checking in! Please leave a comment.

With king regards
Johan Nyman
Minimalistic PC's

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I rushed to finish a aircooled version for Dreamhack that was this weekend thursday, for a Gigabyte contest there. After that I will start the real project with custom loop and other goodies.
To start off:
Be Quiet sponsored me with a Shadow Rock 2.

Gigabyte sponsored me with a GA-F2A88XN-WIFI.

What I started doing was to fix the 120mm hole in the front and also make the 92mm hole in the back to 120mm.
Then I started working on a shroud that would cover the powersupply. Used acrylic that I painted black on one side.
Then I painted the inside of the acrylic black too so it would hide the powersupply and everything else.


Then I added the fan grill I got from Bill. Looks awesome!
I got the motherboard and cpu down at J

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Its tiny but looks nice :)


i like it :)


That curvy box shape looks awesome


Thank you all! :)


Sorry for no updates here, but I have been waiting for the release of AMD A10-7850K, now it is here and I cant wait to start. Im still waiting for watercooling gear from EKWB though, after I got that I can start the casemodding for real. :)


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I want to start by announcing a new sponsor and thank them for all their help, EKWB! Thank you for helping me and sending me:

  • 120mm XT Radiator
  • Supremacy Clean CSQ Nickel-Acrylic
  • RES X3 150mm
  • Fittings






I started out installing the loop to see how I wanted everything, the RES is installed in the top like this.



The 120mm XT rad goes in the front of course together with the DCP 2.2 pump on the bottom.




The entire loop from behind, whats missing here is the cover over the PSU and the pump, working on that right now aswell as fixing all the cables to perfect lenght.



I cant get a good photo from the side because of the tinted plexiglass, although, as soon as I have some lights inside the case there will be good pictures.


Last picture of the day!


What do you think so far?

I have dissassembled everything now to finish the last small details.

  • Complete the coverplate for the PSU and pump.
  • Fix all the cables to perfect lenght.
  • Install a SSD.
  • Leaktest.
  • OS Install and config.

Hopefully Ill have a new update this weekend, until then, have a good day!

With kind regards
Johan Nyman
Minimalistic PC's

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Still tiny but a very clean install and it still looks nice. Congrats :)


Thank you! :)


Very clean and very awesome. A build to be proud of.


Thanks! :)


The loop is filled with Mayhems, its leaktested and the computer boots up! This project is now finished. I took some pictures of the result, the final pictures will be taken tomorrow though, but here are some sneakpeaks.








What do you think?


With kind regards

Johan Nyman

Minimalistic PC's

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