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Budget Gaming Build

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BF4 recommends at least 6 cores on AMD chips, so a 6 (or ideally 8-core) AMD chip is ideal.


Alternatively switch to a Sandy Bridge or Ivy i5 and go Intel?


It is a BUDGET build, not a how much money can i spend on a pc build ;P


BF4 is probably badly optimized, thus using way to much resources.

i fail to see how BF4 needs 6+cores from amd if Intel can get away with 4, i get that intel has the faster processors but a 4.0ghz AMD quad should be just as fast as a 3.0ghz i5 quadcore.

Plus the 7870 or gtx 660 wont max out the game @1080P even tho it is on the recommended list.


I take requirements of a game with a big grain of salt these days when they are online, because most of the time a lower spec computer can handle the game just fine on high settings even tho it is below the recommended specs.

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You could grab a second hand SB/IB chip/MB bundle I meant.


I would assume BF4 involves large amounts of floating point operations; AMD chips share a FPU per module (2 cores), whereas Intel chips have one per core, thus a 4-core AMD FX chip has 2 FPUs compared to a 4-core Intel which has 4.


It doesn't all revolve around frequency either, Intel usually has a great advantage on IPCs (Instructions Per Clock) also.

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