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My Thecus Nas Setup n7510 Best performance possible question

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First I would like to start off saying thanks to overclockers club I am now a IT professional and work for a great company. If it wasn't for me asking questions and actually trying things I wouldnt be where I am today. Okay ranting done. 


I havent been able to get a good answer for my question so I decided to post on here. 


I have a thecus nas N7510 its one of the very few 7 bay nas made by Thecus. I am trying to turn my JBOD setup to a Raid 5 or 0 my question is what is the best drive to get for the NAS I know its beneficial to have the same time of drives but before I shell out close to 700 or so for drives what is the best one to get I think the seagate hybirds seem great but not sure if thats the best NAS drive. I also know they make NAS drives specifically for nas's but are those any good?


As far as what I plan on using this for is my main media hub, pictures, streaming so performance is a must!


Thanks in advance I believe it has has been 5+ years since I have been on here.  

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I would go with the WD reds, or the blacks. The main reason for this is these drives have enhancements for RAID so the drives are not going to drop off the array as easily. The "Desktop" drives do not have these capabilities and generally will drop off the array quicker if there is a minor error, as the drive will take a longer amount of time to reply. I would also recommend checking on the drives that are supported by Thecus for your particular NAS, that way if you run in to issues you have a much better chance of getting support.


From a pure speed perspective the Blacks/or another "Enterprise" 7200RPM drive would be fastest, but in the end a lot of that is going to depend on the underlying network and the protocols you are using and if your network supports end to end jumbo frames. Also consider that If you are not doing LACP on your NICs you will be hitting the network speed limitation long before you hit the limit of the NAS and the hard drives. 

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