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Can't make GPU fold...help plz


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So I have 2 PCs (see sig, will call them HTPC and Intel).

The HTPC is running fine and folding both the CPU and GPU.

This was not the case earlier in the week when the servers were being serviced (pun intended) but all is fine there now.


The Intel Build was Folding and then I installed the GPU. When I put the card in, I thought the FOlding program might detect the new 7770 and auto load the slots as it did on my HTPC when I changed to the current FAH software. But alas, nothing happened, so instead of trying to add the GPU through the FAH cotrols I unistalled the FAH software and reinstalled it thinking this would force the software to autodetect my hardware, which it did! Yeah! but it doesn't do anything...no folding going on!


see screenshot




so it shows the GPU in the slot but the selected work unit isn't making any progress.


The 0.8% completed work unit arose when I removed the GPU slot, re-added it and the GPU took over the CPU work unit!

But again the GPU didn't make any progress on the workunit. In the mean time the CPU downloaded a new work unit and started on it. It completed 0.8% and then I realized the GPU wasn't making any progress on it's workunit that it stole from the CPU, so I didn't want to waste a 72% workunit so I switched the CPU back to it!

I was able to do this only by sheer chance as I was trying to make the GPU work and I checked 2 boxes in the FAH Configure tab under the "Optimizations" section (see attachment 2):




One says something about disabling code and the other check box was about trying to lock cores to specific work units.

I suspect the latter is the one that switched the 72% WU back to the CPU.


I still haVe no GPU working...HELP

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