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Sony Official PS3 Controller RESET

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I just recently bought a brand new Official Sony DualShock 3 Controller for my PS3.


I am Gifting to a younger, and much to my dismay, I am able to watch the controller post on usb to mini via PS3 console, with all four lights 'flashing', and I am not having any luck, getting the controller to 'set' on one light as a default 1 or 2 controller.


Essentially, it flashes all four at the beginning, and then after, it just sits there dead.


Plug back into usb, same thing, flashes four, then nothingness.


Tried, the standard reset, using a needle and held the reset button for at least 20 seconds.


Still nothing.

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If it is new, you will have to wait till it charges.. If all the lights are blinking, it is charging.. 

Yeah, I noticed lights are blinking, INITIALLY, however, after the lights stop blinking,

even on full charge, it doesn't post up a light on 'controller assign 1 or 2.

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I guess, it might be my home button, not responding.  that's weird.  I feel like I have at least 6 controllers, all, official Sony Controllers and this, the Red, the best color in terms of overall aesthetic, Red, is the clear winner, and, the stubborn home screen either fails to work, which is why it won't post, or there is another underlying issue all together.


Plus, I have to play a few Online Racing and Fighting Games coming up real soon, with my brother, and I can't even play, on my bloody red Sony Official.


It still doesn't make sense that the 4 buttons simultaneously flash at beginning of usb plug in via ps3, and it just won't have the 1 button that's assigned to the controller, so I may, actually use the darn thing.

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