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Help upgrading old PC.

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Hello everyone,My PC is like 2 years old for now, and i though of upgrading it a bit.

Lets start with how it was at the beginning:

Case : Simple case
PSU : Cant remember the name, it was a 20$ PSU
Mobo : http://www.gigabyte.com/products/product-page.aspx?pid=4004#ov

RAM: 2 GB x2 1333 http://www.superbiiz.com/detail.php?name=D32G1333S3&title=Samsung-DDR3-1333-2GB-CL9-Samsung-Chip-Original-Memory

GPU : 2 GB Sapphire 6450

HDD : 300GB samsung ( dont know the details)

CPU : Intel i3-2100 dual core.

Thats how it was when i bought it,after some time i changed some parts, and this is what i have right now:

Case : http://store.antec.com/Product/clearance_items/df-35/0-761345-15231-0.aspx

PSU : Corsair GS600
Same RAM
Same CPU
GPU : AMD Sapphire 6870 1GB GDDR5

And here goes the question and the problems.

When i got the PSU and GPU i didnt even know if they match my other components,(yes i am not really friendly with hardware),it worked, howether i think i am not getting the maximum from my GPU.

What i want to ask you about is this:
1.I want a better CPU for gaming, was thinking about an i5 one.
2.Should i get to 8GB? Do i have to use exact same ram as i have , or i can buy any other 2x2GB 1333?
3.Is my motherboad good enought to handle an i5 CPU and OC it maybe?
4.Should i get an SSD for my system?
5. If i OC the i5,should i get a better fan for that?

I mostly use my PC for gaming, and sometimes some rendering.

Let's say that i dont really have much money to spent, howether should be enought for an i5 and OC it,the real problem its if my mobo is good enought and if it can handle the i5.

Will wait for your answer guys, thanks in advace.

PS: if there are any other suggestions you have, please tell me.


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yes you are not getting the most out of hat gpu . a i3 is a little low on power for modern games . an i5 will benfit you much more .


4gb vs 8gb of ram can have a large impact . depending on yor OS . windows vista/7 alone taks 4gb to run.


edit: I'm on my phone right now but I'll check your links and edit my post soon , unless someone beats me to it

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You're going to really want to upgrade your PSU, I'm surprised it's lasted this long without failing. When PSUs fail they often take the majority of your rig with it too, so it's worth investing in something decent.


After upgrading the PSU, your motherboard will support any 2nd Gen Intel Core processors (i3 2XXX, i5 2XXX, i7 2XXX), so I would recommend something like an i5 2500 for gaming and editing, but you could go for the i7 2600 if you wanted to get a little more performance. You will not be able to overclock the chip, however, as you have the H61 chipset.


With your motherboard running in dual channel, it is probably better to invest in a 2x4GB kit of RAM, that way you will get the best performance and will also have enough RAM for gaming, I would assume now you are struggling gaming on 4GB alone.


If you have enough money left over you could invest in an SSD or larger HDD to store more games on.

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one thing I noticed in the memory section of the details on the mb was


* Due to Intel H61 chipset limitation, please use single-side memory modules when four memory modules are installed. Please refer "Manual" for more memory information.

* Please refer "Memory Support List" for more information.


so it may be something to consider when upgrading the ram, As Euro suggested it might be better to just replace the set of ram in there with an 8g set (2x4g).  Though to be honest I never realy look at whether ram is single or dobule sided as I dont recall having a board with that limitaion..

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everyone has heatsinks on them now but I don't know if you are going to find any single sided choices. I also tried to find memory and neither Corsair or G.Skill lists that MB. In fact I haven't found anywhere that lists H61 support :(


I would think maybe value ram is your best bet and no more than 4gb sticks.


edit: Im also not finding anything that says the H61 only supports single sided dimms. I would just update the bios before putting new memory in.

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Most H61 motherboards only have 2 memory slots, there apparently is a limitation when using 4 slots, at least on this motherboard.

Unless you already have 2x2GB of SS RAM, a 2x4 GB kit seems easiest.

SS (Single Side listed)  2 GB cards

KingMax FLFE85F-C8KM9

Hynix      HMT325U6BFR8C-H9

Corsair   CMV4GX3M2A1333C9

check my numbers.

H61 does not overclock so a wider assortment of CPUs are worth looking at unless a future upgrade will enable overclocking.

Xeon E3-2XXX CPUs are supported, do not know your local market

usa I am seeing some used CPUs, at good prices, new and used.

What monitor at what resolution, now and future planning?

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Thanks for your answers guys,  i really apreciate it, also on other forums no one bothered to repply me.


I see my motherboard have some problems with RAM, or maybe not, but i really want to OC the cpu, and this means i will need a new motherboard.


I was looking, and the best i5 CPU sounded like i5 2550k or i5 3570k or 3770k and maybe i5 4xxxk?


The questions :  whats the difference between Sandy Bridge and Ivy Bridge?


Would an OC Cpu to 4.0 GHZ enought to  satisfy me in all options? or i Need one OC to 4.5 GHZ+ to feel the difference?


I am mostly decided to get an i5,i just need your suggestions,just keep in mind that ill keep the GPU and PSU,i could change mobo and RAM if its needed



Back to the motherboard,I cant afford an expensive one, but i want one that allows me to OC the CPU,( GPU maybe ) and run w/o any problems at all.


With new Mobo new RAM would came, and that will be 2x4GB as you recommended.(Does the mhz matter so much? ex 1333 or 1600 or 2000)


I really feel like a nub, just not very friendly with hardware as i said, so please treat me with patience if i ask stupid questions.


Future plans? A PC that will run anything, and 3 monitors in SLI,Crossfire... ( stupid dream maybe )

Currently, i have an Asus VW193D monitor ( i had it for over 5 years i think) and it has a 1440x900 resolution.


If you need any other information about my hardware feel free to ask.


Again,thank you very much.

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How much do you plan to spend max for the new CPU/Motherboard/RAM?? (also I'd look into seeing what you could get for your old stuff on ebay or something. I actually just sold a 3x2GB kit of memory for $30 after I shipped them out so I was pretty happy)

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Ill spend how much is needed to, I dont really know the prices for them.And as i said i dont need the best mobo/ram, just want it to work eithout any problem with the i5 CPU and with my GPU

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