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Photoshop stuff

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Hey ya'll!


So I am wanting to learn how to do a couple of things. I am not 100% sure what it is called.

I also was wondering if anyone knew of a good place to learn how to do them.


So what I would like to do:

2 or 3 photos I took on my camera.


One of a landscape, possibly have a building in it. (day time)

Another shot of the Night sky.

Maybe another shot in the same area, but at dawn.


I would like to layer it so the building will have the night sky I want above it. Then I was thinking if I get a nice dawn shot. I can make it looks like a sunset with the night sky?

I might not do the whole Dawn thing, but the idea of it is what I am wanting to learn how to do.


Does anyone know what it is called? Or know of any good tutorials to learn how to do this?

I have never used Photoshop. So this is all new to me.


Much Thanks!

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It'd be a photo manipulation, where you take a few photos and combine them into one seamless image. You have to balance the lighting conditions, shadows, and the like where appropriate, but it's a pretty useful technique to know.


Some tutorials to take a look at are a bunch of the ones here. Some of those are kind of advanced, but there are some basic ones too. This place also has a good collection of tutorials, again from basic to advanced.


It's been a while since I've done any, but one example is this. I took this panorama a friend shot (had to shrink it a ton to upload), added in this castle (also by the same friend), this sky, and then blended it all together.

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If your new to photoshop their is a ton of tutorials around but I'm not sure about free ones. I usually just hunt around digitaltutors.com if Im looking to learn a program. I suggest Intro to photoshop, so you understand all the hotkeys and layout. Than focus on masking and layer which is what bp example is. The hardest part i've always found is getting pictures from the same angle/prespective.

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The photos wont be much of an issue because I do photography..

I came across this photo last night on Pure Michigan. 



I know this is photo-shopped because I do a ton of night photography and Star Trails are my fav. thing to do.


This is my profile: http://www.flickr.com/photos/psywar


So in that Pure Michigan photo you see the end of Dawn happening also you have this Star Trail with the photo centered on Polaris.

Well that trail is about 2 to 3 hours worth of footage to get a trail like that.


So that tells me right off the bat that the photo is photo-shopped. Dawn does not last 2/3 hours.

On top of that the photo has Stars in the sky. Which if your doing a star trail, your not going to see single stars anywhere.

So there is a layer of the night sky with the star trail over lapped. 


So I am looking at doing something along the lines of what the Pure Michigan photo has.



Thank you guys for the links!

I will give them a gander this weekend. Hopefully learn something and get some stuff made.

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