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I think the Forum is dying

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I say OCC be changed to DMM since it's less a club of overclockers and more of a "Diy'r Maintenance Men" kinda place where we help fix nearly any tech problem that pops up :P





and that's not even the original PB thread.

No? Dang it. That was the one I was redirected to a year ago. Still a good laugh though. Would love to have seen all the graphs and stuff people made, but the links are broken...


The original one that started it all was quite a hairy thread.


Not to be taken sexually

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I just dont like spending a lot of money on computers when the one i built a couple years ago still performs nice.


Plus im not even gaming as much. I've been toying around with MTAs and just managing a bunch of email servers. Sending out promotional emails and such. Good money in it. Plus the server side of it is fun.

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