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New build..... New Mobo

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Old overclocker...

older than most of you whippersnappers!


currently running an e8400 chip on a good ole DFI board ...day to day at about 3200mhz,,, been higher but that is a good balance in the summer

water cooled.. home made system....  Whitewater block... I thinK!!


Time to build a new system

haven't decided on an i5 or i7...   knowing me it will be an i7....1155

not looking for stellar results... but would like to OC a bit.....


recommendations for a mid range (about $150 or so max.... could be talked a bit higher)

that will run stable...

but allow me a bit of fun...


always a fan of Asus... lost on all the Z77 offerings


asrock keeps coming up in my searches.. always considered them... umm...budget


MSI keeps showing up too....


so what say you?


Decent mid range board.... that will allow me a bit of headroom to OC... and will have room on the board for a water block (I will...of course,... change out to an 1155 appropriate block..)



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I know this is a bit of one of those...."dude.. have you done any research yourself?" kinda posts.....


and yes...


It is easy to find the killer OC boards... but at this point in my life...  I am just not there with a $300+ board.....


hard to find, via the web.. a good... mid range board......



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Hey O&F - you simply aren't going to find a better value than this;


Asus P8Z77-V LK

$124.99 at Newegg + free shipping using Promo Code 0709BTS5 

And you get a $15 rebate card on top of that.



But if you want to move past super values there are two other boards you should take a look at and consider;


Gigabyte GA-Z77X-UD3H

$144.99 + shipping



MSI Z77A-GD45 Gaming

$139.99 + free shipping + $10 rebate card


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For what you like the Asrock Extreme6 with 8 GB of Ram is the best "deal." Have you priced RAM lately?

Good 2x4 kit (1600+) RAM is $50-80.

OTOH you live with a motherboard for a long time.


fwiw Asus RMAs have been a painful experience for many. Gigabyte seems the most responsible motherboard company.




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Unless you "need" hyper threading for something specific, just get a 3570K.  Ivy Bridge runs hot any way, and even hotter on a HT chip with HT enabled.


Saves you some money, less heat and the 3570K will overclock as well as the 3770K if you are going to stay with an air cooling solution.

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Got it...thanks! Now... Hmmm... i5 or i7 decisions.. decisions.....


As you are in a tight budget, getting 3570K would be a better choice for you than getting a 3700K because of heating issue - even in stock.

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