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Looking for a virtual desktop program/app

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I have been using VirtuaWin.  I like it, but it has some limitations that I would like to overcome.  I really like the option in Mac OS X Spaces to pin a certain app or Window to a specific virtual desktop each time it opens.  This may be an option within VirtuaWin, but the options are very vague, and I can't seem to find it.  Does anyone have a program/app/add-on that they would recommend to me for this purpose?  The machine I am using in this case is an AIO Toshiba with Intel 4000 graphics, so as far as I can tell it isn't something that I can do wth the video options.  I am running Win8 on this machine - no hate please - I put it on there to learn it better as I have to support it for work.  On that side note, I cannot emphasize how much I would recommend Start8 from Stardock witha Wndows 8 machine.


Thanks in advance, I still love this place!

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