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Here's what my weekends consist of....if you like racing

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Racing and engines has always been in my blood... it's something of a bug and when you catch it you will do anything to do more.... much like a Meth addiction.


For my I've always had it pretty much under control but i know It could easily get out of hand....


So i do the next best thing. I show up at the local track and help out my buddies by doing what ever needs to be done...


here's a shot of my buddies car from tonights track session. After a very rough start to the night and some oiling issues ( it was blowing oil all over front to back) we got it semi dialed in on a lazy 10.11 1/4 mile pass all on the motor.


Its a 400+ cubic inch... really nothing special but my poor buddy was going nuts until he got it dialed a little... now the trick is to lean on it and get some 9sec times and then fog it to 8.50s





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Sweet! That is one heck of a piece of work right there. :)


Safe to assume you're going to do the same thing myself and my better half are doing Sunday?


...Nothing but stare at the TV? You've got Monaco, Indy 500, Coca Cola 600, then all the coverage in between. Should be an excellent Sunday.


Indy Lights was also quite interesting yesterday, I'm not usually one to overly indulge (nor is she) since it kinda makes us look like failures going through college while these 20-22 year olds are racing but still lol


Which track is that btw? Just curious.

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It's a local 1/4'r mile track just a couple miles from my house.... Osceola Drag Strip... it's an old Air Plane landing strip from back in the 30s and converted to a drag strip in the 50s I believe...


Only other closest drag strip is US-131 Martin Michigan or Bunker Hill in Grisom Indiana but thats an 1/8th mile track....


I dont do much TV race watching...I am either all there or nothing...not sure yet as I haven't gotten confirmation but we might be racin in the morning.

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