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Request to 680 Gtx Twin Frozr owners . Temperature problem.

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Hi all. I have a problem with temperatures on GPU.
My GPU is: Msi Gtx 680 Twin Frozr. And my max temp is 70c while benchmarking Unigine 4.0, Unigine Valley and playing Crysis3, BF3, FEAR3, Tomb Raider. But my highest temp is 72C in Metro Last Light only with SSAA 4x . I even test 3dmark 13 and the highest is 71C.

72C and 71C, ts not too high for card with Twin Frozr cooling? Please replie. Thx

On review sites , max load temps for that card are max 65.

Other peoples have lower temps, like 65-68C with the same card.

But if anyone have Twin Frozr 680 here, please post our temperatures. Maybe i will be more patient if somebody will be have the same temps like me. Thx:)

I dont OC card. Even i dont touch fan. I dont adjust fan settings. All card settings is default.


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Those temps are fine. There are a number of things that can affect your gpu temps. What is your room temp, inside of your case temps, the fan profile maybe set to low. If your pushing your card at 100% and its only 70C and the fans are only running at 70% and this worries you then download msi afterburn and change the fan profile to turn the fans faster at a lower temp. The cards are ment to do 100C before worring about them. They also have a built in throttle so if they do get to hot they will throttle the load down so they dont over heat.

Most people when they benchmark will turn the fans to 100% so they get max cooling, so if your leaving yours to auto adjust with temps then they are doing their job.

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I have Cooler Master Centurion 590





I am using 1440x900 ( because of old monitor ) And i have that 70-72 C temps in games. Its not too high temps for that resolution? if i buy new monitor then temps will be higher on higher res? If yes, how much temps will be raised?




I want to be sure that my temps are ok on my 1440x900 resolution.
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