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dynamic disk unreadable after update

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i recently reinstall my windows in my new ssd but i forgot where is my new 7601 build windows dvd so i have to use my old 7600 build retail dvd .after the install i convert my data disk to dynamic disk to extend is't partition size from unused partition previously used for windows and turn it into 1 single partition for data. but last night after updating to service pack 1 the data disk is unreadable :wallbash: WTF?! i just lost my half gb of data because of an update?


after tinkering with the setting in drive manager prove useless, i decided why not use sytem restore and roll back to previous state.. and YES my disk is now readable :thumbsup: but i'm stuck with no service pack. is there any any way to convert it back to basic disk without losing data? and then proceed with service pack update? i don't have a spare disk to save the data so i'm not willing to experiment with a fresh install


my disk config right now is


ssd-basic disk

C: windows/boot Drive


HDD-dynamic disk

D: data drive


before converting


ssd-basic disk

C: windows/boot Drive


HDD-basic disk

D:previous windows drive

E:data drive



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