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Open Systems Interconnection model Layer 3 Dip Stick!

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I had been having some problems with my web server. First I could no longer access the pages via browser. I could ping ect through the DDns just fine. Because that was simply hitting the routers wan interface. :duh: The I did something that completely shafted IIS. Well not completely "Helow World" worked fine but the directory listing script did not.  :wallbash:  :wallbash:   Another 2 hours of cursing. Then I remembered, didn't the DHCP reservations get FUBAR'd the other day. yep. I first week cisco 1 student would not F'UP like that. At lease its a 2 minute fix.


On the bright side I am learning by doing.

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It's called learning by doing mistakes - the best way to learn. ;)

Agreed! Next time when something like this happens guess what he will be checking first. :)


EDIT: BTW, dhcp is layer 7 not 3. ;)

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